Presenting Summerstrand.

1st March 2024
1st March 2024 Will Taylor

Our portfolio boasts a diverse range of exquisite wool fabrics, including customer favourite, Summerstrand. For 2024, we have we’ve enriched our stock supported bunch Summerstrand with fresh designs featuring a luxurious and refined blend of 94% wool and 6% mohair.

Renowned for its British handle, Summerstrand offers the signature drape and body that ensures garments retain their shape and perform impeccably.

The collection boasts a vibrant spectrum of plain shades alongside timeless designs such as puppytooth, Prince of Wales checks, and classic pinstripes, catering to both those seeking a touch of flamboyant flair and those favouring timeless elegance.

Beyond its visual appeal, Summerstrand’s natural crease resistance and breathability, derived from the mohair fibre, make it ideal for warmer climates and effortless travel. The finishing techniques further enhance the lustre of the mohair, enhancing its visual appeal.

Within the Summerstrand collection, we also offer a winter mohair cloth crafted using a 2/2 twill construction. This construction, combined with twist yarns, adds both textural interest and visual dimension. Additionally, a hopsack version is available in all colours, providing further textural variety.

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The elegant and sartorial qualities of our new stock supported Summerstrand cloth, are complemented by our made to order collection, where we continue to incorporate more creativity through colour, texture, and pattern. Find out more about our seasonal collection here.