“World famous for quality worsted and mohair apparel fabrics.”

For over two centuries, John Foster has proudly stood as a symbol of British craftsmanship, meticulously crafting iconic cloths in the heart of Yorkshire, England – the home of textiles. With an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and timeless elegance, our heritage is deeply intertwined with the rich history of British textiles.

Our legacy is one of excellence and continuous evolution. We employ the finest natural fibres, masterful weaving techniques, and meticulous finishing processes that mirror our unending pursuit of perfection. Through this commitment, we have established ourselves as leaders in worsted and mohair fabric market.

Since our triumphant debut at the Great Exhibition in 1851, John Foster cloths have remained at the forefront of the fashion world, gracing the creations of renowned couturiers, fashion houses, designers, tailors, and retailers around the world. The John Foster name is a pinnacle for premium suit fabric and apparels, woven with the finest merino wool, mohair, cashmere, and other natural fibres.

Guided by the vision of our Managing Director, David Gallimore, we honour the legacy of the John Foster name by constantly seeking ways to elevate our craft and provide you with products that embody the quality you deserve.


Over 200 years ago, John Foster was founded in Bradford, England.

The founder and namesake of the company, John Foster, was a pioneering figure, who over the course of his 60-year career, revolutionised the British wool textile industry. At just 21, predating the establishment of factory systems, Foster leveraged the generational knowledge of local craftsman and became reputable for crafting special fabrics like ‘Lastings’ and ‘Demasks’, known for their robustness and durability, qualities which are still reflected in the collections offered by John Foster today.

Throughout its history, the company’s unwavering strength and commitment to uncompromising quality were evident, particularly during times of adversity, such as the World Wars. Despite the challenging circumstances, John Foster admirably played a vital role in producing the uniforms and knitted goods for allied armies all while simultaneously forging ahead with pioneering fabric innovations. This dual commitment, rooted in both tradition and progress, underscored the company’s resilience and enduring values which not only gained national recognition, but also garnered admiration from royalty and international dignitaries.

Today, the legacy of John Foster stands as a living testament to the power of vision, craftsmanship, and quality. The name John Foster is not merely a label; it encapsulates a narrative of innovation, strength, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence which we continue to reflect in every fabric we create.


John Foster is proud to be part of the SIL Group, a world-class vertically integrated group of specialist textile businesses alongside the likes of Abbotsford Textiles, William Halstead, Standeven, Kynoch of Scotland and Joshua Ellis.


The family-owned business employs almost 350 people at multiple manufacturing sites across the British Isles. Individually and collectively each business is recognised on the world stage for its heritage, unrivalled quality and technical expertise.