Discover iconic cloths with over 200 years of John Foster history, heritage and tradition, in stock supported bunches and the latest designs in our Spring Summer and Autumn Winter collections, showcasing premium worsted wool fabrics blended with luxurious noble fibres including, mohair, alpaca, cashmere and silk. Our on-trend designs and stunning colour palettes are woven in our Yorkshire Mill, ensuring the highest quality in every cloth.

John Foster’s collection of suiting fabrics stands as the epitome of sophistication and style. Crafted with care, each cloth is woven from the finest natural fibres, seamlessly integrating John Foster’s rich history, heritage, and tradition into every thread. Designed to captivate even the most discerning tastes, offering a journey through time and craftsmanship. Explore our iconic cloths within our stock-supported bunches and seasonal collections, where elegance meets heritage in every piece.


Our Spring Summer 2023 collection is made up of truly exceptional fabrics reflecting the warmth and opulence of spring days, reflective of English landscapes and calm ebb of the sea around our magnificent coastline.

Highlights include our Panama cloths – extra fine Merino Cool Wool and blends of 95% wool with mohair – perfect for the summer, this collection incorporates rich yellow, ochre and lemon mustard tones with accents of cornflower blue and fresh cream tones cutting through. truly exceptional fabric focusing on the richness and extravagance of gold and luminous shades.

The eternal menswear choice, elegant, practical, and understated.  Grey, a colour so broad, it encompasses every shade, from the brightest white to the depths of black, offering a cool and neutral platform to create the perfect contrast, enabling the incorporation of romantic and nostalgic purple jewel tones. This is reflected effortlessly in our Spring Summer 2023 collection, with combinations of Chalk, Ash, Dove, Charcoal, Lead and Slate with wistful Amethyst, Indigo, Wisteria and Lavender shades cutting through.

These Panama cloths are the perfect weight for Spring Summer, ranging from 230g – 250g in extra fine Merino Cool Wool and blends of 95% Super 100’s Wool with Mohair.


As we continue to evolve to the ever-changing demands of the fashion world around us, we hope to provide a well thought out sustainable collection of capsule looks. The collection encompasses all our beautiful, worsted fabrics, but also heavier weight cloths and flannels that can be used for all applications.

As the market continues to enjoy a more relaxed dress code, the styling and colour palettes are playful and are focused on texture and surface interest. Traditional classics that never go out of style and contemporary interpretations of vintage styles create a surprising but well-rounded selection of qualities.


The essence of the John Foster brand is embodied in our prestigious stock-supported collections, Signature, Oxbridge Flannel and Park Lane to name but a few. These collections offer a diverse selection of over 400 timeless designs available all year round including checks, stripes, textures and plains in an array of colours and compositions, perfect for suiting and jacketing.

All our supported collections are maintained in meaningful quantities and available for immediate despatch through our sales teams.

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