World Environment Day

5th June 2024
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5th June 2024 Felicity Ling

This year’s World Environment Day theme, “Generation Restoration,” underscores a crucial truth: we can’t rewind time and undo the environmental damage already done. However, by regrowing forests, revitalising water sources, and restoring soils, we can heal the Earth. 

Sustainable practices are paramount in our industry. We understand the challenges posed by overgrazing and land degradation. Committed to being part of the solution, we utilise yarn certified by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS). These industry-led initiatives recognise best practices in farm management, ensuring wool originates from farms with progressive land management and responsible animal treatment.

What is RWS? 

The RWS and RMS set criteria for progressive practices that benefit both animals and the land. These key principles directly align with World Environment Day’s goals:

  • Animal Welfare: The Five Freedoms of animal welfare are incorporated into the Responsible Mohair Standard’s criteria.
  • Land Health: Certified farms undergo checks to ensure progressive land management methods that protect soil health, biodiversity, and native species. This can involve practices like rotational grazing, which allows pastures to recover, and planting native vegetation to create natural habitats.
  • Social Welfare: The standards encompass social welfare, working conditions, and the health and safety of farm workers. This ensures fair treatment and promotes a sustainable agricultural workforce.

How John Foster is embracing ‘Generation Restoration’. 

Our dedication to these principles is exemplified by the launch of the Stonedale Flannel collection. Crafted entirely from 100% RWS-certified wool. This collection, featuring 22 cloths inspired by the diverse Yorkshire landscape, demonstrates that traditional manufacturing can coexist with sustainability and traceability whilst maintaining beautiful and luxurious cloth with our signature quality.

We take pride in ethical and responsible practices throughout our business. We source our raw materials responsibly, minimise chemical use in our dyeing processes where possible, and constantly investigate ways to reduce our environmental impact. Embracing the spirit of “Generation Restoration,” we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint. This includes responsible water and energy use, waste reduction, and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes. In adherence to ISO 14001 for Waste Management, Energy Management, and REACH regulations.

We acknowledge the ongoing journey towards environmental sustainability. The small steps we take today, from using certified materials to minimising our operational footprint, will pave the way for a brighter future.

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