The Launch of AW25

1st July 2024
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1st July 2024 Felicity Ling

The John Foster team are proud to launch our AW25 collection. This season we have developed a range of beautiful, sustainable cloths incorporating elegant and classic designs.

After a period of casual dressing and stay at home comfort, the market is looking for something new and is returning to the elegance of tailoring. A trend we have been hoping to reinstate for some time. The John Foster team know that there is simply nothing that comes close to the feeling of ‘dressing up’ in quality garments. John Foster cloth has the transformative power to make the wearer look and feel their best. Our autumn winter collection offers a wide variety for those to express individuality, through their appearance.

Investment Cloth

Luxury cloth is an investment. That when made correctly, can lasts over time. As trends come and go, our aim was to promote timeless style. When designing autumn winter 25, we wanted to create instantly classic cloth that will remain a staple for years to come.  

Whilst our stock support portfolio showcases an extensive range of beautiful, wool and wool/mohair fabrics. Ranging from extra fine merino wool to the finest micron super 200’s. The open collection is where we can be more playful, creating contemporary designs for the consumers who are trying to retain a commercial security, whist stimulating the need for something new. 

Oxbridge Flannel 

Standout products in our autumn winter range, include an extension of our popular, Oxbridge Flannel range. The open collection incorporates design and colours woven with a nostalgic reflection of our long and established heritage. Using the beauty of a Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified woollen yarn, we have produced a collection with an extensive colour palette, featuring plains coordinated with classic chalk stripes, and contemporary checks. Reflecting our newfound passion for melange shades.

Stonedale Flannel 

Responding to the demand for sustainability and investing in the longevity of our clothes. We have also added new designs to our first bunch made entirely from RWS certified yarn, Stonedale Flannel. This 100% woollen flannel is heavier than Oxbridge Flannel and has a vintage handle and styling. The substantial weight of this cloth creates a feeling of being enveloped in warmth and protection when worn.

The blend and variety of melange fibres in the RWS woollen yarn, creates a delightfully rich appearance. That enhances the cloth surface, with depth and interest. The colour palettes are inspired by the cool tones of the industrial landscape complemented with the warmth of the natural tones in the wonderful Yorkshire dales that surround us. The classic shades of smoke grey, charcoal and soot, with slate and navy, contrast with the subtle and muted shades of everglade and forest green with rich earth and peat browns.

A common theme of our autumn winter collection is stripes. The classic pattern is making a comeback and again, reinforces the tailoring trend. With both subtle pin stripes, and bold chalk stripes. Our autumn winter collection features timeless looks.

The concept of luxury is something people will always aspire to and now with our collection, incorporate the values of ethical sourcing and sustainability. 


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