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A closer look at our most luxurious fabrics

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A closer look at some of our most luxurious fabrics:

Platinum – The most exclusive and luxurious bunch in our range, comprising of 100% Super 200’s ultra-fine wool cloths and 100% worsted cashmere in a selection of classic patterns.

Sourced from the Mongolian foothills and spun into 2-ply yarn gives our woven cashmere cloth strength whilst retaining its renowned softness.

The rarest Australian Merino sheep provide our Super 200’s wool before it’s spun into the finest yarns and woven in our Yorkshire mill by master craftsmen born from generations before.

Surely there is no finer fabric for a handmade bespoke suit.


Oxbridge Flannel – Inspired from our extensive archives and immersed in tradition, a luxurious Super 120’s worsted-woollen hybrid woven to the time-honoured double mill finishing process giving a super soft handle.

This stock supported vintage bunch blends classic shades with more vibrant hues and autumnal mixtures.

Chalk stripes, houndstooth, checks and a modern twist on the classic glen check make this an extensive stock supported range of coordinated plains and patterned cloths.


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Oxbridge Flannel Groupshot

A Contemporary Take On A Classic: New Cloth ‘Oxbridge Flannel’

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Our new cloth ‘Oxbridge Flannel’ is perfect for Autumn Winter and is available now


‘Oxbridge Flannel’ combines John Foster heritage with modern trends, bringing you a collection of traditional flannels, as well as some unique and contemporary cloths, inspired directly from our extensive archives.

Oxbridge Flannel 22024 Oxbridge Flannel 22004 Oxbridge Flannel 2227 Oxbridge Flannel 22003 Oxbridge Flannel 22026

Our new collection encompasses timeless colours and patterns, such as plains, checks and stripes in grey, black and navy; but ‘Oxbridge Flannel’ offers much more than this. We have brought a contemporary twist to classic cloths, featuring traditional designs in a range of vibrant shades such as lilac, tobacco, wine and aquamarine.

Oxbridge Flannel 22060 Oxbridge Flannel 22011 Oxbridge FLannel 22063 Oxbridge Flannel 22055 Oxbridge Flannel 22056

Containing a wide range of colours and patterns the collection boasts 75 cohesive cloths. Chalk stripes, houndstooth, checks and a modern twist on the classic glen check in harmonious colours, maintain an element of co-ordination throughout.

New cloth ‘Oxbridge Flannel’ gives wearers the scope to be creative and playful when designing garments; creating a plain suit with checked waistcoat, a houndstooth jacket with plain trousers or a brightly coloured blazer with tonal trousers. The combinations are endless, leaving room for individual style and imaginative nods to trends.

Crafted using a Super 120’s worsted-woollen hybrid yarn, the handle is ultra-soft as a result of the traditional double mill finishing technique. The luxurious cloth weight of 370gms/ 13oz, lends itself perfectly to Autumn/ Winter garments.

Woven in our Bradford mill, in the heart of Yorkshire’s textile industry, the cloth is washed and pressed using only the purest and softest water, straight from the Pennine Hills. These processes have remained the same for the last two hundred years; this history ensures that all the skills of yesterday are used in our cloths of tomorrow.

All 75 ‘Oxbridge Flannel’ cloths are stock-supported and available now.

For further details contact us on +44 (0)1274 655900 or [email protected]



Article written by Beth Gallimore.


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