Introducing our Signature Bunch a Super 160s Wool Fabric

27th July 2022
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27th July 2022 Lydia Ridler

Introducing our Signature bunch. After months of design, and development, we are thrilled to be launching our brand-new fabric collection, Signature.

The styling of our Signature bunch has taken great consideration and development, to compliment the other bunches within the range. This new Signature bunch provides something for everyone, with a large range of plains in twill, hopsack, sharkskin, and herringbone grounds. A truly varied collection of cloth.

Boasting a composition of 100% Super 160s Wool fabric, with a weight of 240/260gms, this Signature collection offers a beautiful all-season bunch, offering the perfect weight for a transitional cloth, that can be worn for any season.

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A supremely soft touch wool fabric, with a light, fluid drape and luxurious handle. This elegant wool fabric is constructed with a fine 2-ply yarn in warp and weft to give the cloth stability and durability.

John Foster’s Signature Bunch, designed for tailors, executed for wear.

Manufactured to create the most exquisitely, elegant fabrics, which whisper sophistication. A bunch which offers tonal colouration for understated sartorial elegance.

Soft Ash, Smoke, and Charcoal Grey, Rich Cobalt Blue, Air Force, Navy, and midnight, all expected hues from a men’s tailoring bunch, incorporating Latte, and Coffee Brown for a more relaxed look.

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Accent colours of soft Slate Blue, Delicate Lavender, Deep Gold, and Burnt Rust each craft the basis to accessorise with more flamboyant knits, ties, and colourful shirts.

This Super 160s Wool Fabric Signature bunch offers the ability to dress up for occasions or pair down for everyday wear.

Signature Bunch: CC901

To view our new Signature bunch, email [email protected].


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